DeepSource is how developers ship good code

We are a technology company that builds tools for developers. Global engineering teams and open-source projects of all sizes use DeepSource to build software that makes a dent in the universe.

Our values

We are passionate about enabling developers everywhere, in whatever ways we can. Our values help us move closer to our goal every day.

We work together with the best engineering talent to build the best static code analyzers.
Our team has a common goal – to make the lives of developers easier.
We are open about all the workflows and processes followed at DeepSource.
We help developers in the simplest way possible. Developer tools needn't necessarily be complex.
We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in all of the processes we follow.
We are always looking for new ways to solve the problems faced by developers.

Static analysis infrastructure for the internet

16 analyzers supporting major programming languages
300 million bugs prevented every month
2 billion lines of code analyzed every month
3.6 hours saved per developer every week with automation
2.8% rate of false positives
220ms time to analyze a single file

Sourcerers 🧙

We’re a diverse team of people from different backgrounds, yet one thing binds us together — we’re dedicated to building the best tools that help developers ship good code.

Akshay Language Engineering
Aniketh Language Engineering
Anirudh Infrastructure
Anupama Human Resources
Danish Sales
Devansh Design
Hricha Marketing
Ishan Language Engineering
Jai Founder
James Platform Engineering
Karan Platform Engineering
Noel Marketing
Parth Platform Engineering
Pawan Language Engineering
Philis Marketing
Raghav Language Engineering
Rahul Platform Engineering
Rohan Marketing
Sanket Founder
Shivam Platform Engineering
Shruddha Infrastructure
Shubhendra Developer Relations
Shuvam Design
Siddhant Platform Engineering
Sourya Language Engineering
Souvik Infrastructure
Srijan Language Engineering
Subham Language Engineering
Tausif Platform Engineering
Tushar Language Engineering
Vishesh Infrastructure
Vishnu Platform Engineering
Yash Platform Engineering

Our investors

DeepSource is backed by some of the smartest people in tech, including founders and investors of world-class developer tools companies.

Tokyo Black
Venture Souq
Christopher Golda Rogue Capital
Timothy Chen Essence Venture Capital
Ivan Kirigin Tango VC
Ed Roman Hack VC
Jakub Jurových Founder, Deepnote
Mike Viscuso Co-founder, Carbon Black
Bradley Buda Founder, Census
John Kinsella Ex-VP of Engineering, Qualys
Badri Rajasekar Founder, Jamm
Bhavya Sahni Marketing, Wingify
Smruti Parida Ex-CTO, Nestaway
Sanjay Suri CTO, Nykaa
Seth Bindernagel VP of Marketing, SoloLearn
Soso Sazesh Founder, Growth Pilots