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Introducing, DeepSource's community forum.

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By Jai on 
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Since the initial release of DeepSource in Feb 2019, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback, request for features, bug reports and analyzer additions from developers. So far, we’ve been handling them in an ad-hoc way with e-mails and Helpscout. The discussions has always been restricted to the user who initialized the conversation and our team — this is highly limiting for us to engage with the community and listen to their feedback. We also observed that a large part of false-positive reports can be clarified with a detailed explanation around why do we believe it is an issue. We want to keep these conversations open.

We evaluated Slack and Discord but the conversations there were hard to preserve (or) point to as the nature of the discussion was very ephemeral. Discourse seemed like a good choice as large communities like Elastic, New Relic and Postman have seen great engagement with their users.

In the Discuss forum, we encourage you to have conversations around feedback/bugs/suggestions on the analyzers, workflows, third-party integrations, false-positives, best-practices, etc. We will be looking closely at the conversations, iterate the product and post the changelogs as and when we ship it.


Discuss away!

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