Release: Ignore issues in all test files

No configuration needed. One click, and done!

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By Sanket on 
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Making quality and security issues raised in code more relevant is the prime directive for us here at DeepSource. This includes giving developers more control on the results, so it becomes easy for them to take action and improve their code.

It is possible to specify where the test files are located in a project with the test_patterns property in .deepsource.toml (docs). If the patterns are specified, DeepSource uses this information to filter out a number of issues that don’t make sense in test files, but do so in the application code.

It’s now possible for you to create these rules for test files yourself easily from the Issues tab in your project’s dashboard. All rules created would be available to audit in SettingsIgnore rules.

Ignore in all test files action

We’re excited about this release as it helps developers make the results make work for them better. Let us know what you think!

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