By DeepSource

Consider using literal syntax to create the data structure PTC-W0019

Performance Autofix

Using the literal syntax can give minor performance bumps compared to using function calls to create dict, list and tuple.

In [1]: timeit.timeit(stmt="dict()", number=100000000)
Out[1]: 9.560388602000103

In [2]: timeit.timeit(stmt="{}", number=100000000)
Out[2]: 1.685333584000091

In [3]: timeit.timeit(stmt="tuple()", number=100000000)
Out[3]: 4.509182139000131

In [4]: timeit.timeit(stmt="()", number=100000000)
Out[4]: 0.5455615430000762

In [5]: timeit.timeit(stmt="list()", number=100000000)
Out[5]: 7.356000728000254

In [6]: timeit.timeit(stmt="[]", number=100000000)
Out[6]: 1.573771306999788

This is because here, the name dict must be looked up in the global scope in case it has been rebound. Same goes for the other two types list() and tuple().