# Ruby beta

# Configuration - .deepsource.toml

This section covers configuration specific to the ruby analyzer. Please make sure you read the general configuration guide first.

# name

name = "ruby"

# enabled

enabled = true

# Sample config

version = 1

test_patterns = [

exclude_patterns = [

name = "ruby"
enabled = true


Currently, Ruby 2.3 and above are supported. The Ruby version is detected from the .ruby-version file in your repository's root. If it .ruby-version file doesn't exist, we will fallback to Ruby 2.7 to detect issues.

# Dependency installation

We install dependencies in your project in order to get a full picture of your code, and to reduce false positives.

Currently, we only support installation of dependencies from Gemfile.lock in repository's root, using the version of Bundler that was used to create your lock file. If dependency installation fails for some reason, the analysis will continue nevertheless.

Last Updated: 9/29/2020, 7:15:36 AM