SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)

DeepSource Enterprise Cloud teams can setup SAML 2.0-based Single Sign-On (SSO) for authentication.


Before you can connect an Identity Provider (IdP) to your DeepSource team, you need to first verify the ownership of your organization's email domain. This should be the domain name of your user's email addresses used for signing into DeepSource.

Request domain verification

  1. Go to

  2. Select the team from the account switcher on the top-left.

  3. Click on the Settings tab on the nav bar and then click on Security from the left side bar.

  4. Under Domain name, enter the domain name you want to verify on DeepSource.

    Team Settings Security Page

  5. Click on Request verification.

    Domain verification pending

  6. Right now, this process is manual. We will reach out to you by email for a manual verification.

    Domain verified

  7. Once the verification is done, you can go ahead with configuring an identity provider.

Configuration on Identity Provider

The following is a list of IdPs with links to their respective guides explaining the integration process:

While we only have official guides for the above providers, the overall process remains quite similar while integrating with any other popular IdP (such as Google, PingFederate, etc.) via a SAML 2.0 based connector.

Configuration on DeepSource

Once DeepSource has verified your domain and you have successfully created and tested a SAML 2.0 connector on the IdP website, you need to tell DeepSource about it.

  1. On the same Team settings -> Security page, click on the Configure button.

    IdP Config

  2. Enter the XML Metadata URL (aka Issuer URL) that you got from the SAML connector in the IdP.

    IdP Config Modal

  3. Click Save changes.

    IdP Config Done

  4. Your IdP is successfully connected with your DeepSource team now. This means users assigned to the app on IdP will be able to sign up or sign in to DeepSource with SAML SSO now.

When a user signs into DeepSource with SAML SSO using your team's configured IdP, they are automatically added to the team with MEMBER role if there are empty seats otherwise CONTRIBUTOR role.

Setup SCIM Provisioning

We do not support SCIM provisioning on DeepSource cloud yet.