Send application errors to DeepSource

You can configure the on-premise DeepSource installation to send Sentry alerts to the DeepSource team whenever an error occurs in the application.


To configure Sentry for your DeepSource installation, you will need to go to the Admin Console and scroll to the section "Export data outside the cluster" section. Then select the "Enable reporting application errors to DeepSource" option.

Enable Sentry

You will also need to allow egress to from the cluster.

A DSN is already set in your license, so you may have to sync your license (go to Admin Console -> License -> click on Sync License) and redeploy before you can use Sentry.

Why should I send application errors to DeepSource through Sentry?

The way that DeepSource engineers currently debug application errors on your DeepSource installation is through support bundles. Usually, however, the users who use the DeepSource application are not the people who have access to the application logs. Between facing issues with the application and generating and sending a support bundle, it adds a lot of friction before the issue can actually be seen by the engineers at DeepSource and get fixed.

When you enable Sentry for your installation, the engineers at DeepSource immediately get notified about the issue and can help with a fix as quickly as possible.