# Getting Started

# Requirements

  • A GitHub account.
  • Owner permissions for the repository hosted on GitHub.


This procedure assumes you have a project with one of the list of supported languages.

# Steps

  1. Go to deepsource.io and click Sign up with Github.

Github Signup Signup view

  1. You will be taken to the GitHub permissions page. Click Authorize DeepSource HQ to proceed with the sign-up.

Authorize DeepSource to access GitHub GitHub / Authorize DeepSource

  1. Install DeepSource GitHub app by clicking Connect with GitHub. This step will allow DeepSource to access your code on GitHub. Don't worry, we don't store your source code permanently. You can read about our strict security policies at -- deepsource.io/security

Install DeepSource's GitHub app DeepSource / Connect with GitHub

Install GitHub GitHub / Install DeepSource


If you would like to run DeepSource analysis on only specific repositories, click Only select repositories.

  1. Choose an appropriate plan depending on your needs. You will be taken to DeepSource dashboard which shows all the repositories DeepSource can run analysis on.

  2. The dashboard will onboard you to activate analysis on a repository.

🎉 You should see the issues the analyzer raised against your source code.

Repository issues Dashboard / Repository / Issues

Documentation coverage Dashboard / Repository / Metrics

Last Updated: 1/28/2020, 2:08:35 AM