Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to try DeepSource. How to do that?

Sure. You can run analysis on public repositories for free, forever. If you would like to try a private repository, we offer unlimited analysis for one private repository for 7 days. No credit card required. Post this period, you can choose a plan depending on your needs.

What are the available modes of payment?

We use Stripe to process our payments. You can use a credit card to pay for both monthly/yearly plans. If your spend is at least $1000 per month, we can invoice you manually. Get in touch with

Which languages do you support?

We have core support for Python and Go at the moment. JavaScript in near future.

Which providers do you support?

Only GitHub at the moment. Gitlab is in the works.

Is there a sample .deepsource.toml for python to start with?

version = 1

test_patterns = [

name = "python"
enabled = true
runtime_version = "3.x.x"

Is there a sample .deepsource.toml for go to start with?

version = 1

name = "go"
enabled = true

  import_path = ""

Should I have to pay for open-source projects?

No. Part of our systems are built on Open-Source software. DeepSource is and will be free to use for Open-Source.

Do you have plans for students and non-profit organizations?

After signing up, write to us at and we will grant applicable credits to your account.

Why do you require write permission for a single file?

When granting permission, we request access only to a single file -- that is .deepsource.toml. With this permission, we can't write to any other file except the pre-defined .deepsource.toml. We are working with GitHub to make this clearer in their installation page.

I have feedback.

Please let us know via Send feedback button on right top of the navbar or write to us at