This glossary contains information on phrases and abbreviations used by DeepSource.


An analyzer operates on source code to detect issues and report metrics. Analyzers can be focused on a programming language, like the Python analyzer, or something generic like the test coverage analyzer. To enable an analyzer on your repository, you must add it in your .deepsource.toml file.


An artifact is data from external sources that is required by an analyzer other than the source code of a repository. These artifacts must be reported to DeepSource using the CLI. An example would be test coverage file.


A Data Source Name (or) DSN, is a repository-specific endpoint to identify/authenticate the data source from where additional data is sent to DeepSource, such as artifacts. DSNs contains sensitive information and should never be exposed publicly.


An issue is a problem detected by an analyzer for a repository, which is recommended to be fixed. Issues can be of different types: bug risks, anti-patterns, security vulnerabilities, style violations, performance or documentation. Issues are also categorized on the basis of severity: minor, major or critical.


A metric is a measure of a key property of a repository, reported by an analyzer. Metrics can be reported by an analyzer internally, or using an external artifact.