# Troubleshooting

# Why is my analysis failing?

When DeepSource detects issues in your code that need attention, it marks the analysis as "failed". This is done to ensure that you look into the issues raised and fix them before pushing the code into production.

# DeepSource has raised a large number of issues in my code. I don't know what to fix first. Help?

When DeepSource runs for the first time, it raises issues across the entire repository. Hence, the large number of issues.

If you want to fix these issues one-by-one, head over to the "Recommended" section in the "Issues" tab. These are the most important issues to fix.

You will not see all these issues when analysing only a changeset (a pull-request, a merge-request or a single commit in the default branch). In these cases, DeepSource only raises issues on the files changed, so you can take action on them effectively.

# DeepSource sometimes raises issues in all files, even when it is a pull request. Help?

There could be 3 reasons for this happening:

  1. The analysis scope in Settings > General > Analysis Scope has been set to "broad".
  2. The base branch for the pull request is not the same as the default branch. This usually happens when the default analysis branch is set to a development branch, like dev, main or master, and then a pull request is sent to a deployment branch, like stable. To change the default analysis branch, go to Settings > General > Default analysis branch.
  3. The branch is not rebased with the default analysis branch. Rebasing the branch will fix this issue.

# Why is my analysis timing out?

At the moment, DeepSource has a hard limit of 25 minutes to publish the analysis results. If the analysis fails to finish within the allotted time, we show an Analysis timed out message.

It is more likely to happen for the first-ever analysis run for a repository, where all files are analyzed.

If your repository has files that you don't want to run analysis on (like migrations, examples, fixtures, etc) please make sure they are specified in the exclude_patterns in the .deepsource.toml config file.

Note: Even if the analysis gets timed out for the first run, DeepSource will continue to analyze every incoming commit/PR after it is activated for the repo.

# Why do I see test coverage issues for lines that have not changed in my PR?

It happens when the PR is not rebased with the default branch. Rebasing the PR will fix this problem.

# DeepSource generated a wrong autofix. How do I report it?

Report it to support@deepsource.io with a screenshot, or the code snippet for which the wrong autofix was generated.

Last Updated: 5/5/2021, 10:34:42 AM