DeepSource for Enterprise

Fast and reliable static analysis for enterprises

DeepSource helps companies ship clean and secure code with powerful static analysis, OWASP Top 10 compliance, and Autofix.

3,000+ companies trust DeepSource to ship clean and secure code

Moving fast ≠ Breaking things

the old way
Deploy code every few weeks
Manual verification of code quality and security
Large turn-around time for pull requests pending for reviews
Code quality and security issues detected as part of releases, after the code is merged
the new way
Deploy code several times a day
Automated verification and fixing of code quality and security issues
Pull requests are merged faster and releases made frequently
Code quality and security issues detected as part of code reviews, and fixed before the code is merged

Invest in improving developer productivity

Developers are force-multipliers. World's best engineering teams have embraced automation to improve developer productivity.

17.3 hours wasted per developer work week, in battling bad code, debugging and refactoring
31.6% productivity and efficiency loss for developers
96% organizations say increasing developer productivity is their highest priority

Upgrade to DeepSource

Powerful Static analysis

Detects thousands of issues in major programming languages and Infra-as-code technologies.


Automatically generate and apply fixes for issues across hundreds of files in a project.

Auto code formatting

Put code formatting and standardization across the org on complete autopilot with DeepSource Transformers.

In-depth security analysis

Detects hundreds of security flaws in source code, including OWASP Top 10 and SANS Top 25 and powerful secrets scanning.

Enterprise-Grade security


DeepSource is SOC 2 Type II compliant. We follow strict information security policies and procedures.


We are GDPR compliant. DeepSource provides all users with the ability to access and control their information.


Our data is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, in compliance with the Privacy Rule of HIPAA.

OWASP Top 10

Our analyzers continuously scan your code for all OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.

SANS Top 25

Our analyzers continuously scan your code for the top 25 vulnerabilities listed in SANS.

DeepSource Security

We are committed to delivering high standards of security for all our customers.

Shift left, enterprise-grade.

Start building with the most sophisticated static analysis platform for your workflow and prevent bugs before they end up in production.

  • Deploy on-premise to have absolute control of your data
  • Onboard thousands of repositories in minutes, not months
  • Save over 4 hours on average per developer every week