All you need to take control of your code health and security

Advanced static analysis
Largest collection of static analysis rules in the industry
Central code health dashboard
Your team's central hub to track and take action on code health
Continuous code quality checks
Runs on every commit and pull-request, automatically
Automatically generates and applies fixes for issues in a couple of clicks
Put code formatting on autopilot. Never let your CI break on style violations.
Integrated with your tools
Works with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and more.
Centrally track key metrics of code
Documentation coverage, number of dependencies, and more
Code coverage
Seamless coverage insights and reporting in a single dashboard
Continuous secrets scanning
Detects hardcoded security credentials and sensitive data in source code
Minimal configuration
No need to install or add anything in your build process, works out of the box
Less than 5% false-positive rate
Highly accurate static analyzers, optimized for minimal noise in results
Advanced IaC analysis
Detect security and configuration problems for Terraform, Docker, and more
Free for personal accounts and small teams
After that, DeepSource grows with your team with per user pricing plans.
Unlimited public repositories
Unlimited lines of code analyzed
Unlimited private repositories for individual accounts
1 private repository for teams/organizations
Continuous analysis with GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket
3 team members
$0/month Get started for free No credit card required