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Multiple imports for an import name detected PYL-W0404
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Reimport 'warnings' (imported line 6)
486def unicode_urlencode(obj: t.Any, charset: str = "utf-8", for_qs: bool = False) -> str:
487    import warnings488
489    warnings.warn(
490        "'unicode_urlencode' has been renamed to 'url_quote'. The old"
Reimport 'typing' (imported line 2)
   1"""Parse tokens from the lexer into nodes for the compiler."""
   2import typing
   3import typing as t   4
   5from . import nodes
   6from .exceptions import TemplateAssertionError
Reimport 'typing' (imported line 5)
   3import random
   4import re
   5import typing
   6import typing as t   7import warnings
   8from collections import abc
   9from itertools import chain
Reimport 'typing' (imported line 6)
   4import os
   5import sys
   6import typing
   7import typing as t   8import weakref
   9from collections import ChainMap
  10from functools import lru_cache