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Using deprecated method warn()
32            raise TypeError("paging_token must be a string if provided")
34        if page > 1 and paging_token is None:
35            warn(36                "Page number is greater than 1 yet no paging token is provided. This may cause a 400 error."
37            )
Using deprecated method warn()
401        if not ("id" in card_data and isinstance(card_data["id"], int)):
402            raise TypeError("card_data must contain an id and it must be an integer")
403        if not "studiableContainerType" in card_data:
404            warn("card_data does not contain a studiableContainerType")405        if not (
406            "studiableContainerId" in card_data
407            and isinstance(card_data["studiableContainerId"], int)
Using deprecated method warn()
394            )
396        if card_data["isDeleted"]:
397            warn("Card is deleted, skipping (could be a private set)")398            return None
400        # messy!