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Static code analysis for Go that just works.

Discover 200+ bug risks, anti-patterns and security vulnerabilities before they end up in production.

Setup in under 5 minutes · Works with GitHub and GitLab · Free forever for open-source
Loved by open source teams at
Loved by open source teams at
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SAS Software Intel NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Slack Okteto Dgraph Qubole
Works the way you work
Simple configuration
Begin analyzing your source code in less than 5 minutes.
Continuous analysis
Analysis on every code change, so you don't miss any potential bugs.
Fewer false-positives
Get more relevant results based on the context of your code.
Integration with existing tools
Works seamlessly with tools like GitHub, Circle CI, Travis CI and others.
DeepSource detects 200+ issues in your Go code
Deliver reliable software, faster
Get highly relevant results with context-aware analysis
DeepSource is engineered for less than 5% false-positives. You can also customize the results to suit your context like ignore an issue on a file pattern or the entire repository, mark an issue as intentional.
Reduce time spent in manual code reviews
Be the first one to review your code, in seconds. DeepSource increases the turnaround time by reducing the dependency on manual reviews, helping you and your team discover and fix even hard to spot issues early in the development lifecycle.
Keep a check on key code metrics
Get full visibility of your doc coverage, test coverage, external and internal dependencies with two-step configuration. See at a glance how your code has evolved with time, whether the code is meeting your quality standards or not.
Ensure industry-standard development practices across the organization
Enhance your software's maintainability by ensuring every developer in the team is adhering to same coding conventions. DeepSource automatically scans your merge request for any style inconsistencies and prevents bad code from seeping in.
Prevented 50+ issues in one release.
"DeepSource actually helped us resolve more than 50 bugs, which has made the code base much more stable and dependable. It allowed us to identify many more areas for improvement."
Piero Molino
Senior Research Scientist, Uber
lines of code analyzed
unique issues detected
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No feature gating, transparent pricing

Discover 200+ issues in your Go codebase

Setup in under 5 minutes · Works with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket · Free forever for open-source