This Hacktober, make your PRs count
Find and fix code quality issues from popular open-source projects with Discover. Make your pull-requests count.

Discover by DeepSource helps you find code quality issues in thousands of open-source projects that use DeepSource. Scroll though a list of issues which refreshes every day, find an issue that you want to fix, and make a contribution to improve the project's code quality.


Open-source maintainers dedicate their time doing public good, and they deserve better than getting spammed. We believe Hacktoberfest is a force of good, and want to give new contributors a better way to start contributing. Fixing code quality issues is easy for a beginner, and improves the open-source project in a positive way. That's why we built Discover.

For open-source maintainers
Enable DeepSource on your project and get new contributors to fix the code quality issues detected.
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Open Source Grants
To support open-source maintainers and help projects keep thiriving, we've instituted a one-time cash grant. Tell us how your project makes the world better to register for this grant. If your project is chosen, you'll get $500 in cash, no strings attached.
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Kickstart Hacktoberfest with us!
Introduction, pro-tips, and everything else you need to have the best Hacktoberfest yet.
Oct 20, 2020 9 AM - 12 PM PT + Add to Google Calendar
Introductory session 9am - 9:15am PT
Keynote 9:15am - 10:00am PT
Workshop 10am - 11am PT
Project showcase 11am - 11:50am PT
Q & A 11:50am - 12pm PT
Open-source projects deserve better than
getting spammed
Hacktoberfest is a force of good. Join us in our efforts to keep it so.