This Hacktoberfest,
ship good code

Make meaningful open-source contributions by improving the code quality of thousands of projects.

What is Hacktoberfest?

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open-source software by DigitalOcean that encourages participation in giving back to the open-source community. Developers get involved by completing pull requests, participating in events, and donating to open source projects. During this event, anyone can support open source by contributing changes and earn limited-edition swag.

What is DeepSource?

DeepSource is a fast and reliable static analysis platform that helps developers write good code. It integrates natively with your version-control providers, such as GitHub or GitLab, and helps prevent bugs, anti-patterns, security vulnerabilities, and performance issues on every pull request. DeepSource is free for open-source, individual developers, and small teams.

for maintainers

Enable making the first contribution to your project easier

Get new contributors to fix code quality issues in your open-source project. Escape the spam.

List your project on Discover

Attract high-quality first contributions

DeepSource Discover helps you list easy-to-fix but valuable code quality issues for new contributors. For most developers, their first pull-request is the hardest. Lower the barrier for your project.

Improve your code's quality

A clean code codebase attracts more meaningful contributions, but maintainers rarely have the time to clean up existing issues. Offload these low-hanging fruits to new contributors.

No false positives

All code quality issues raised by DeepSource Discover are hand-picked by our Language Engineering team. We guarantee no false positives, so you don't have to deal with any noise.

for contributors

Improve code quality of open-source projects you love

Making your first contribution can often be intimidating. Start with easy, but meaningful, improvements to your favorite project — and then dig deeper.

Find open issues on Discover

Make your first meaningful contribution

DeepSource Discover lists thousands of open-source projects that have code quality issues up for grabs. These issues are easy to pick, so you can make your first pull-request and get involved.

Learn how to write good code

Each issue flagged by DeepSource has a clear and detailed description explaining the issue and guidance on how to fix it. You'll learn something new every time you fix an issue.

Hacktoberfest afterparty, every October Friday!

Celebrate with the community! If you're an open-sourcerer, and are based in SF or Bangalore, beer is on us! Every friday in October 2021.

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event schedule

Monday, October 4 [VIRTUAL] Hacktoberfest Kickoff
Friday, October 8 [San Francisco & Bengaluru] Hacktoberfest after-party #1
Thursday, October 14 [VIRTUAL] Contribute to open-source, live with DeepSource
Friday, October 22 [San Francisco & Bengaluru] Hacktoberfest after-party #2
Friday, October 29 [San Francisco & Bengaluru] Hacktoberfest after-party #3
[VIRTUAL] Hacktoberfest Kickoff Monday, October 4

20:00 PT
Welcome + what is Hacktoberfest?
20:05 PT
Code quality contributions to open-source projects
20:10 PT
How to make high-quality contributions as beginners?
20:13 PT
How to attract high-quality contributions as maintainers?
20:15 PT
Didier Lopes presents Gamestonk Terminal
20:30 PT
Tushar Sadhwani presents zxpy
20:45 PT
Stephan Dilly presents GitUI
20:50 PT
Aniket Maurya presents gradsflow
21:05 PT
Closing notes + Kickoff!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to open-source, where do I start?
Does DeepSource provide any special swag?

DigitalOcean will send DeepSource swag to all participants who create at least 4 pull requests during Hacktoberfest. Apart from this, if you're a maintainer participating in Hacktoberfest with DeepSource Discover with at least 20 contributors, we'll send special swag to you. Expect an e-mail from us in the second week of November '21.

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