Help build the static analysis infrastructure of the Internet

DeepSource is obsessively focused on building the fastest and most reliable static analysis tools to help developers ship good code. We enable thousands of global engineering teams and open-source projects to automate their code reviews and ship maintainable and secure software faster.

Today, shipping maintainable and secure software is a competitive advantage for Internet businesses. Teams need to detect and prevent bad code from entering their codebase as early as possible. In the absence of automated tools, this becomes incredibly difficult and time-consuming. DeepSource is focused on solving this problem — how do we enable developers to move faster without compromising quality and security?

As a team, we are solving some of the most challenging problems in developer experience that impact millions of developers around the globe. This means you get the opportunity to do the best work of your career — while building delightful products for the most progressive engineering teams in the world.

Helping developers focus on what matters the most
DeepSource becomes the system of code health for engineering teams, so they can focus on building software while we ensure the quality of their code. Organizations of all sizes have trusted us — small startups, open-source projects, or Fortune 500 companies.
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What brings us to work every morning

DeepSource becomes a critical part of our users’ development workflow. That’s an enormous responsibility. Our job is to do justice to that trust while giving them a great product experience. Here are a few challenges we’re working to solve.

Static analysis is still in its infancy
Static analysis hasn’t been adopted by most developers and tech organizations, primarily because the user experience of state-of-the-art tools hasn’t been great. We work tirelessly to build the most comprehensive and accurate static analyzers, a great user experience, and push the limits of what static analysis can do. This has led us to do industry-first innovations like Autofix and Transformers.
We need more hands on deck
DeepSource’s business is growing very fast, and there are always more things to do than we can account bandwidth for. We have an ambitious product roadmap and millions of developers that we need to reach. We’re always on the lookout for people to join the team — engineering, design, marketing, sales, or developer relations.
We face difficult tech problems as we scale
Our users expect a magical product experience from us. We constantly wonder how we can make our Analyzers faster and more comprehensive, build Autofix for even the most complex and non-trivial issues, and deliver the same experience as DeepSource Cloud to our Enterprise customers. While other products take over six months to release new features to an on-premise deployment, we make a release every two weeks.
If we don’t do it, nobody will
Static analysis as a technology has existed for a long time, but the adoption has been abysmal — even with several companies trying to solve this. We have committed ourselves to building the world’s best static analysis experience that developers actually want to use every day. That requires pushing the envelope in everything we do. We’re ready to do that.
/ˈsɔːs(ə)rə/ noun.
a person who believes developers deserve better tools to write code; someone who works at DeepSource.
We hire and promote people based on their slope and not their y-intercept.
While we value prior experience, we believe that the ability to quickly adapt and grow is more important for individual success. So when we hire someone new, we pay more attention to how they’ve grown in their prior roles than just the experience itself. You’ll also find leaders in the team who are fresh out of college but have grown to lead teams in less than two years.
High-agency culture
We believe in a “rolling up your sleeves” approach. This will give you the space to experiment and grow quickly in your role within established frameworks and principles. We believe in putting together processes to ensure every Sourcerer understands their role in the company’s success clearly.
25% side-project time
One week every month is dedicated to building anything you want — a side project, contributing to open-source, or building something fun. It’s a fun way to get together with the team through sharing new ideas and working on innovative new things.
Mentorship-driven culture
We are looking for team players who want to be mentored, not managed. Our team leads and founders provide comprehensive guides, regular 1:1s, and consistent mentorship that equip you with the knowledge you need to grow.
Embracing the mission
We strongly believe developers deserve access to better tools for building software
User focused
Everything we do must make the lives of our users better.
Be a perfectionist
We obsess over the details in everything we do.
Being genuinely helpful
We're determined to help developers in as many ways as possible.
Have a growth mindset
We understand that we can't be right at all times and constantly seek ways to improve ourselves.
Seeking simplicity
We find the simplest solution to any problem, however complex.
We are looking forward to hearing from you
Perks and benefits
We offer competitive and comprehensive perks and benefits, so you focus on doing the best work of your career and not worrying about tiny details.
Meaningful equity
Flexible time off
Mental health support
Best-in-class workstation hardware
100% health insurance coverage
Sponsorship for talks and events
We’d love to talk to you
If you believe in our mission, are always looking to improve things, and aspire to become the go-to person for something that you master in your journey — DeepSource is the right fit for you. We’d love to answer any questions you may have about opportunities at DeepSource, even if it’s to chat and explore your options.