Senior Software Engineer, Frontend

Roles at DeepSource
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Product Engineering

Senior Software Engineer, Frontend

There are over 100 million developers in the world, and all of them write and review code in some form. DeepSource is building tools that help developers ship good code. We believe there’s a massive opportunity to impact how software is built right from where the code is written, which not only improves developer productivity but also increases the software’s robustness.

Currently, we are looking for an experienced Senior Software Engineer to join our team in Bangalore.

You are a master of coding and you can build any relatively complex frontend web application end-to-end. You can work at any company in the world, but you choose us because we’re always striving for simplicity, yet perfection, while keeping the user (a fellow developer) centre of everything. You understand no one can whistle a symphony but it takes a whole orchestra to play it. You have high integrity and a strong work ethic. You are organized and self-motivated and you enjoy life outside of work. If this sounds like you, we would love to chat!

Key Responsibilities

  • Create beautiful user experiences, delivering the end-to-end implementation all the way to the user.
  • Learn fast and work independently and reliably.
  • Lead reducing the complexity of our frontend setup.
  • Actively reduce the tech debt by working on framework version upgrades.
  • Introduce more modern day tooling to reduce our build fragility and ad-hoc elements.


  • Expert in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and modern web development practices.
  • Proficient in Vue, or other modern frontend frameworks.
  • Comfortable in Typescript, GraphQL (with Apollo Client), ApolloServer.

Bonus points

  • Has worked in optimization : bundle size, lighthouse score, load time, etc
  • Frontend tooling comfort : babel, webpack, etc.
  • Has been part of a small team, provable ability to be a self-starter, hustler and curious to learn.

What we offer

  • We hire and promote people based on their slope and not their y-intercept.
  • Meaningful equity.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Best-in-class workstation hardware.
  • 100% health insurance coverage.
  • Sponsorship for talks and events.
  • Meaningful learning and development sponsorship.
  • Hands-on career development.

We are looking forward to hearing from you