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5 Reasons to choose DeepSource over SonarQube
Simple configuration
Static analysis tools always give the notion of countless hours that need to be spent on complicated configuration. DeepSource integration literally takes a couple of minutes. No need to download any program, look for plugins, or go through a huge set of rules.
Integrates with your existing development workflow
DeepSource integrates natively with providers like GitHub and GitLab. The checks fit seamlessly into your pull request workflow, helping you start fixing issues immediately.
Faster analysis with accurate results
DeepSource’s first class support for Python, Go and Ruby is engineered for less than 5% false positives. You can also tailor the analysis by customizing rules to suit your context easily via the dashboard.
In-depth security analysis
DeepSource maintains the integrity of your code with Static Application Security Testing (SAST) analyzers. Your code is continuously scanned for hundreds of known security flaws, which also covers OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.
No feature gating
With DeepSource's per user based pricing, you get unlimited analysis runs across any number of repositories. We do not place any limits or thresholds on number of lines of code, or any product features.
DeepSource detects 660+ issues in your code
Issues detected for Python
Issues detected for Go
Prevented 50+ issues in one release.
"DeepSource actually helped us resolve more than 50 bugs, which has made the code base much more stable and dependable. It allowed us to identify many more areas for improvement."
Piero Molino
Senior Research Scientist, Uber
lines of code analyzed
unique issues detected
average analysis time
No feature gating, transparent pricing

Discover 650+ issues before they end up in production.

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