Dotan Simha Graphql Code Generator
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352 Total contributors
~4 years Since first release
Hey Dotan, can you tell us about your background?
I grew up in Tiberias, Israel. I started programming at the age of 11, my family bought a new computer with an internet connection, and I was curious about how this thing works. I started with HTML and PHP and grew from that. Then, I joined the Israeli Army at the age of 18 as a developer and learned a lot there.
What inspired you to build Graphql Code Generator?
A lack of a tool that allowed flexibility and simplicity. It started as a simple open-source and grew into a complete ecosystem with many contributors. The GraphQL Code Generator was developed and maintained as part of The Guild.
How many other core contributors work on Graphql Code Generator today, apart from yourself?
The project has eight core contributors.
What problem does Graphql Code Generator solve for its users?
Integration of the static language of GraphQL (SDL) and other languages (Like TypeScript, JavaScript, Java, C#, Flow, and more!) and frameworks (it generates types, but also a ready-to-use code that reduces boilerplate).
What are some major features coming up in Graphql Code Generator in the next releases?
More robust and simple CLI and plugin system, and better, seamless integration with TypeScript (for both schema and operations).
What has been the most frequent feature request from users in the project that you haven't gotten to yet?
Improvements for the plugin system.
Who is the ideal user of Graphql Code Generator? What are some use cases of using Graphql Code Generator?
Graphql Code Generator can be used by any developer who uses GraphQL in any programming language and framework.
Are there any success stories about other people or organizations using this project that you would like to share?
Microsoft, AWS, Uber, KLM, AirFrance, Schneider Electric, Outreach, and thousands of others.
If someone wants to support the development of Graphql Code Generator, where can they donate?
Just be active in our community, help solve bugs/issues, and contribute new ideas/plugins.

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