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What did your early life look like?
My parents lived on a farm in the western part of Germany. I was always fascinated by computers and software and the things you can do with them. I first did an apprenticeship as electrician and later on decided to study electrical engineering in a city nearby. After getting my engineer's degree, I moved to Southern Germany, and I've been living and working there ever since.
Where do currently work?
I have been working for a Swiss company for 17 years now, developing industrial measurement equipment for water analysis.
What is Calibre-Web?
Calibre-Web is a modern app for browsing, reading, organizing and downloading e-books. The project allows you to access and organize your e-books from anywhere in the world. You can download and install it directly from github.com/janeczku/calibre-web, or you can use one of the pre-built Docker images listed on the project page. The documentation is in the wiki.
How big is the core maintainer's team?
I'm the only one.
What inspired you to contribute to Calibre-Web?
I have loved reading books since my early childhood. After a holiday with more time for reading books than books, I bought one of these new e-book readers (a Sony PRS-505). I started organizing my e-books with the famous Calibre program. I didn’t like Calibre’s web interface, so I started searching for something more beautiful. After trying some programs I stumbled over Calibre-Web. It looked beautiful and had a feature every other program was missing: you could edit the e-book meta-data (like author, title and so on), which was to me important for a good e-book library. I soon discovered some problems, so I started enhancing the program.
Are there any success stories that you would like to share?
Internet in a Box, a self-contained, inexpensive appliance to provide content and applications in an offline world, presented their project and Calibre-Web in Wikimania 2019 in Stockholm.
What is coming up in the next release?
A few things that I'm excited about:
  • the long awaited integration of login via LDAP, enabling a centralized user management, essential for companies.
  • the possibility of syncing the Kobo eReader with your private e-book collection.
  • per user based books access restrictions
  • the ability of merging e-books of different formats in your database
  • What is your vision for the future of this project?
    An easy installable, easy usable web app for accessing and organizing your e-books.
    How can support the development of the project?

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