DeepSource for Teams

Move fast without breaking things

DeepSource is a system of code health for your engineering team that helps you ship secure and maintainable code without slowing down.

3,000+ companies trust DeepSource to ship clean and secure code

DeepSource streamlines your code review process

"DeepSource actually helped us resolve more than 50 bugs, which has made the code base much more stable and dependable. It allowed us to identify many more areas for improvement."
Piero Molino
Senior Research Scientist, Uber
Fix problems proactively
Detect critical issues before the code is merged, not after it has been deployed to production.
Automate the busy work
Seamless collaboration

Ensure everyone is on the same page

"One of the big things that DeepSource has helped us is with the static code analysis. Now, developers can rely on DeepSource as a tool to look at the small nits issues."
Arpit Mohan
CTO, AppSmith
Team-wise consistency
Activate continuous analysis on all your projects so all your same coding conventions are ensured on every commit.
Powered by ML
Works the way you work

Designed for teams who deeply care about security

"DeepSource caught a lot of bad practices, especially unhandled errors that could have been potentially very, very catastrophic. So, that was really good and helpful."
Ramiro Berrelleza
CEO, Okteto
Security-first design
Activate continuous analysis on all your projects so the same coding conventions are ensured on every commit.
Advanced RBAC
Run it on-premise

Shift left, enterprise-grade.

Start building with the most sophisticated static analysis platform for your workflow and prevent bugs before they end up in production.

  • Deploy on-premise to have absolute control of your data
  • Onboard thousands of repositories in minutes, not months
  • Save over 4 hours on average per developer every week