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Static analysis that you'd actually use.

Detect bug risks, anti-patterns and security vulnerabilities before they end up in production. For Python and Go.

Forever free for open-source. Five minutes to setup.
Trusted by
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Uber Slack ThoughtWorks Qubole DVC Dgraph
Works the way you work
Simple configuration
Begin analyzing your source code in less than 5 minutes.
Continuous analysis
Analysis on every code change, so you don't miss any potential bugs.
Fewer false-positives
Get more relevant results based on the context of your code.
Integration with existing tools
Works seamlessly with tools like GitHub, Circle CI, Travis CI and others.
Trusted by world's finest engineering teams
Evolving registry with 660+ types of issues detected
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Bug risks and anti-patterns
  • Performance issues
  • Style and documentation violations
"DeepSource actually helped us resolve more than 50 bugs, which has made the code base much more stable and dependable. It allowed us to identify many more areas for improvement."
Piero Molino
Senior Research Scientist, Uber
"DeepSource has enabled us to significantly improve the quality of our Python code base. The simple integration has streamlined our developer workflow and hardened our CI / CD process. All round, we are very happy with DeepSource."
Lewis McGibbney
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Fits right in your code review workflow
  • Works natively with GitHub and GitLab
  • Real-time status checks on pull-requests
  • Capture test coverage data from your favorite CI tool
Highly relevant results with context-aware analysis
  • Optimized for less than 5% false-positives
  • Easily customize the results to suit your team's conventions
  • Track metrics like documentation coverage and dependencies
"I feel very confident merging a pull request when the DeepSource checks pass. I can rely on DeepSource to check a plethora of other things that I no longer need to spend time on."
Joe Mancuso
Creator, Masonite Framework

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