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Function contains unused argument PYL-W0613
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Unused argument 'app'
28        await msg.edit("Reply to message")
29# get all id and send it to message
30@app.on_message(filters.command("allid", prefix) &
31async def getAllId(app, msg):32    if == "private":
33        await msg.edit("This is private chat")
34        return
Unused argument 'app'
40# get user info and send it to message
41@app.on_message(filters.command("info", prefix) &
42async def getUserInfo(app, msg):43    if msg.reply_to_message:
44        await msg.edit(f"**User info**\n\n**First name:** `{msg.reply_to_message.from_user.first_name}`\n**Last name:** `{msg.reply_to_message.from_user.last_name}`\n**Username:** `{msg.reply_to_message.from_user.username}`\n**User id:** `{}`")
45    else:
Unused argument 'app'
21        await msg.edit(f"Chat id: `{}`\nUser forward message id: `{msg.reply_to_message.forward_from_message_id}`")
22# get user id and send it to message
23@app.on_message(filters.command("uid", prefix) &
24async def getUserId(app, msg):25    if msg.reply_to_message:
26        await msg.edit(f"User id: `{}`")
27    else:
Unused argument 'app'
 5# get group id and send it to message
 6@app.on_message(filters.command("id", prefix) &
 7async def getGroupId(app, msg): 8    if == "private":
 9        await msg.edit("This is private chat")
10        return
Unused argument 'app'
 6# exec os command and send output to message
 7@app.on_message(filters.command(["exec",">"], prefix) &
 8async def execCommand(app, msg): 9    if len(msg.command) < 2:
10        await msg.edit("Usage: `exec [command]`")
11        return